The Vampire Voss - Colleen Gleason As we all know, a deal with the devil, or Lucifer, never works out quite how the promise seems. Viscount Dewhurst, or Voss, lives a life of pleasure and mischief after taking the deal offered by Lucifer to become a Dracule. As two factions of the Dracule line up on opposing sides, he stays neutral, until he gets drawn in over a woman. She is Angelica Woodmore, gifted with the sight and the second of three sisters. This story whirls them through Regency England and into the Dracule conflict.

This is the first story of the three Regency Draculia novels coming out this year (2011). I love vampires stories, and enjoyed finding one with some different little twists on the vampire myth. Ms. Gleason's description created a clear view into that world, without going overboard. The characters were interesting, and so were there interactions, though I didn't feel a strong "connection" with them so to speak. At the start, I really didn't like Voss, and as this was his story, was rather worried the entire story would be pulled down because of it. The pace picked up fairly quickly, and Voss and company became more interesting as the story moved along. I wouldn't have expected the ending based on the start of the story, but Ms. Gleason deftly moved it there. This is the first I've read of her work, and it was quite an enjoyable read. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series, and exploring some of her other novels, too.

My thanks to Net Galley and MIRA Books (Harlequin) for providing this ARC.