The Darkest Passion - Gena Showalter Feb 19, 2012 まで
SOS BookShelf Bingo Round 4

The Lords of the Underworld are a varied group, and there demons cause them the most interesting problems. Each read is fun, and leaves you wondering (and guessing about) when, and with who, the next one will fall.

Aeron met his match with Olivia, who chose to fall for him (from heaven that is, not sure she deliberately set out to become so dangerously attracted to him).

Olivia made her angelic debut in Aeron's life in The Darkest Whisper. (Side note...brought back memories of Eurrhythmics... )
That lead to complications with Legion, the little demon Aeron thinks of as a daughter, the one who calms his demon. Well, Legion's not on the same page as Aeron (men are so clueless at times) leading to various complications between her and that "ugly angel". Showalter throws in complication after complication, until you think there is NO WAY an HEA can come out of this. But remember, this is a romance. Where there is a will, there is a way. In some ways, it seemed the end was an easy way out, but it also set the stage for lots more happenings.

There is so much going on in the LotU universe, and Showalter throws out teasers for upcoming threads in each and every book, ensuring you've got to get the next one. I don't feel the need to grab the next one IMMEDIATELY, but it's definitely on my series to continue list.