One Bite With A Stranger (The Others, Book 1) - Christine Warren Not first in published order, but recommended first from author's reading site.

Book 1: One Bite with a Stranger, September 2008 (aka Fantasy Fix)
Book 2: Big Bad Wolf, September 2009 (aka Fur Factor)
Book 3: Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here, November 2010 (aka Faer Fetched)
Book 4: Black Magic Woman, April 2011
Book 5: Not Your Ordinary Faerie Tale, November 2011 (aka Fighting Faer)
(Books 6-8 are still to be published. Stay tuned!)
On The Prowl
Fur For All (to be rewritten/retitled)
Hungry Like A Wolf (aka Fur Play)
Book 9: Wolf at the Door, March 2006
Book 10: She's No Faerie Princess, October 2006
Book 11: The Demon You Know, May 2007
Book 12: Howl at the Moon, October 2007
Book 13: Walk on the Wild Side, June 2008
Book 14: You're So Vein, March 2009
Book 15: Born to Be Wild, March 2010