Storm Born - Richelle Mead Eugenie Markham is a shaman and a mercenary, but that's not all she is. In the first of the Dark Swan series, she finds out more about her origins and begins a journey to fulfill, or not, her destiny. Kiyo Marquez, a kitsune (fox) shifter, and Dorian, a fae king, play pivotal rolls in her adventures.

I enjoyed her sass and the fast paced story. However, her attraction/relationship/feelings toward Kiyo seemed too fast for me. One night, and she's gone for him--though she doesn't seem to realize it at first. The whole situation with Maiwinn is another thing that bugs me. I'm not sure whether I'm hoping she'll end up with him, Dorian, or another character entirely.

My curiosity is definitely engaged, and I'll be reading the next installment fairly soon!