Briar Rose: A Novel of the Fairy Tale Series - Jane Yolen I was just trying to pick a category for this story and found myself stumped. Yolen has taken the tale of Briar Rose and woven it as Gemma's memory of her situation during the Holocaust. She has told the story to her grandchildren many times over the years. Becca makes a death bed promise to her grandmother, Gemma, to find the castle. Woven in with the memories of that story, this story tells of the Becca's search. Though it is one of The Fairy Tale Series, it is not a fairy tale, but rather a beautiful and poignant trip exploring memory and one of the most horrific times in recent human history. The author's note at the end says, "Happy-ever-after is a fairy tale notion, not history." This is quite true, but she has shown how people find happiness even after and while experiencing the worst of things.