Over The Moon - Angela Knight, MaryJanice Davidson, Virginia Kantra, Sunny Four novellas by well-known PNR authors:
1. Angela Knight: Moon Dance Revisit the Mageverse world=this story focuses on Direkind on Earth, and we learn more about its history, and of course, enjoy a hot romance.

2. Virginia Kantra: Between the Mountain and the Moon Meet the Sidhe in North America: This is a bit different from her Children of the Sea series, but it continues another short story she wrote. In this, some rather unusual things happen on a hiking trip, and Cait learns some interesting things about her parents.

3. MaryJanice Davidson: Driftwood One of Queen Betsy's vamps is on a quest, and meets a werewolf along the way with unexpected results.

4. Sunny: Mona Lisa Three Mona Lisa is preparing her move to Louisiana, but has an unexpected visitor and task to finish before she and her entourage can leave.

I really enjoyed #1 & #2 and regularly read those authors. #3 & Queen Betsy just aren't my "thing" but it was a good short story. #4 was also OK, and wouldn't mind picking up some of her others, but won't rush out to buy.