The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1) - Suzanne Collins Where to start? So much has been written about this book, and truly, it is a thought-provoking fast-paced read. Collins has built and incredibly disturbing world, with echoes of human history that resound throughout the story. The main characters are well-developed and provoke a variety of feelings and impressions, but, even when they are at their most frustrating, they are ideal for the hellish world in which they've been born.

The basic premise of this story is very disturbing, and echoes various classic works, well-detailed in other reviews. I was reluctant to pick it up at first, despite knowing it had very solid reviews and legions of fans to testify to the quality of the work. The whole premise of the "Hunger Games" is revolting, sending 24 teens into a wilderness to kill each other, but it is also horrifying that it doesn't end there. At the end, Katniss mentions their further responsibilities as puppets/figureheads for the capitols oppression, and it is quite understandable why Haymitch is an alcoholic.

This story leaves so much to ponder; it's one that was exciting, thrilling and terrifying, but will also haunt you after you've turned the last page.