Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews I read this immediately after reading On the Edge. The premise of a boundary land between our regular world and the world of magic is very interesting. The people who live there have to struggle with poverty and various dangers. This story focused on William, a wolf changeling, that we first me in On the Edge.

He wasn't a particularly likable character there, but made a fascinating hero for this tale. He gets thrown in with Cerise early on, and the sparks soon fly. Cerise is a very strong character, and focused on her mission for her family. Cerise and William's goals are/become intertwined, and they slowly come to trust and rely on one another while the action never stops. There are a couple of unexpected twists, and a lovely ending that promises more stories about this world, and future appearances of the growing cast of characters.

I'm eagerly looking forward to the next book in this series!