Wild Highland Magic - Kendra Leigh Castle This is nice, well-written book, but it just didn't pull me into it. In all fairness, I must add, there were some very unsettling events that happened while I was reading it which might have colored my perspective.

It's the third in the trilogy about the MacInnes werewolves (my bad-I haven't been able to get a copy of book #2--it's on backorder, and I went ahead and read this first). We meet long-estranged members of the clan, Frederick and his three daughters, Catriona (Cat), Poppy and Skye. They've come back for the clan gathering, and just after they arrive, Cat meets Bastian and the sparks fly. Bastian has been cursed, with only a slim hope of escaping it. His curse turns into a problem not only for him, but for the MacInnes clan as well. Bitter enemies must unite to conquer it, or more than just Bastian will die.

It's a nicely detailed world, and interesting story with a few unexpected twists. I'm really looking forward to getting book 2 to find out how some of this situation developed!